Cowboys and Aliens

This post should come with a spoiler alert, but, honestly, you can’t spoil this movie.

Sure, there’s some dead pan acting from Daniel Craig and a few too many raised eyebrows from Harrison Ford. Sure, Sam Rockwell’s talent is wasted on a cliché riddled stereotypical performance of the classic introverted struggling bartender, and even Olivia Wilde fails to make Western period fashion look good, but… somehow… this is still a thoroughly enjoyable film.

There were plot holes you could drive a semi-truck through. The “bad” aliens look like a mash-up between something from Independence Day and the Morlocks of the Time Machine.

How our bad-ass evolutionary-throwback aliens ever developed faster-than-light travel is anyone’s guess. But then, as if to make this all the more sublime, we find out that pretty young Ella is a “good” alien that’s assumed the form of Olivia Wilde. Where’s your space ship, Ella? Surely you’ve got some kind of advanced weaponry we could use? No, OK, we’ll stick with bows and arrows, spears and the odd gun then.

Ok, I’ve got that out of my system.

So why is this a good movie? Why is this a movie you cannot spoil?

The answer to that is simple… the kids. My kids loved this movie and it brought out the kid in me.

Both girls rated it 9/10. And, to be honest, once I suspended my disbelief, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell all together in a Western action adventure film with aliens thrown in for good measure, regardless of how preposterous it was.

And, yes, I jumped too when the aliens sprang forth. I found myself jumping in my seat as much as my nine and ten year old daughters.

So… is it a classic that will stand the test of ages? No.

But it succeeds at what it sets out to accomplish, which is to provide the audience with a damn good roller coaster ride.

Get a bucket of popcorn, a coke and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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