Petition for open access of government-funded research

The results of publicly-funded scientific research should be freely available to the public that provided that funding… I’m signature 23,589… As an American taxpayer, I whole-heartedly support this initiative… (although I’m an Australian citizen, I pay US taxes on Amazon book sales)


Update: I think that the petition will go forward, because it reached more than 26,000 signatures…


A group of people at put together a petition to the Obama administration to require that any taxpayer-sponsored research be open-access, this is, to make such research available to the public free of charge. More details are found here.

The White House website for this petition can be found here.

The goal is to have 25,000 signatures. I am # 23,482!

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5 thoughts on “Petition for open access of government-funded research

    • Yeah, not only does it make sense from the perspective of the public having access to research they’ve funded, there’s also a fundamental issue involved here, that open, unrestricted, unfettered access to scientific research is a catalyst for scientific growth. This makes sense on so many levels.

    • Thank you for the nomination… As a big fan of British science fiction, I love catching up on your blog posts, and can’t wait for the next season of Dr Who

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