Why Write About Science?

Professor O. R. Pagan from the University of West Chester Pennsylvania shares his thoughts on the importance of science


Not explaining Science seems to me perverse. When you are  in love, you want to tell the whole world.”  -Carl Sagan

Sometimes it is very difficult to explain how an idea is born.  This is the case for my idea of start writing the Baldscientist blog.

Scientists are educators, period.  I don’t care if a significant portion of my colleagues do not describe themselves as such.  When you do real science, whatever you discover adds up to the wealth of human knowledge.  This knowledge, at some point, will most likely help someone to understand our universe a little better; now tell me, if this is not education, what is it?

Educators, particularly science educators are (or at least should be) natural storytellers; in my view, this is the best way to teach.  By telling a story you are able to convey your enthusiasm for your field.  Trust me…

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3 thoughts on “Why Write About Science?

    • Rob, I’m probably a little bias when I say this, but I think the emergence of science is the greatest accomplishment of mankind.

      I don’t think we fully realize just how much the world around us has changed. For thousands of years, horses were the primary mode of long distance transport. Since the emergence of science we’ve seen the advent of trains, planes, automobiles and space rockets. When the Wright brothers first flew a few feet above the sand at Kitty Hawk, little could they have imagined the transformation that would occur over the next hundred years.

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