If you haven’t heard of screen junkies and their honest trailers, you are in for a treat… In the finest traditions of the internet, they lampoon the absurd and ridiculous aspects of movies. Funny thing is, these wouldn’t be half as hilarious as they are if they weren’t so darn true. I laughed my ass off at these, I hope you enjoy them.



Hunger Games

Phantom Menace

Hollywood script writers should be forced to submit their stories to these guys for lampooning prior to the production shoot. If the screen junkies are stumped, they can shoot the movie 🙂

Bonus Track: Moves Like Jabba

7 thoughts on “Honestly

  1. Ha ha ha!!! I knew the Twilight Honest Trailer but see the others for the first time. Brilliant! I’d love them to make one for every stupid blockbuster out there. Like… Prometheus! Gawd what a waste of money that was. The only good thing about it were the 3D projectors (the one the humans had, and the alien one) and the charting devices. That’s about all.

  2. I can proudly say I have not seen the twilight and hunger games, so the joke is partially lost on me with those… but the Star Wars one, priceless. and I enjoyed avatars “truth” because I hated that film.

  3. Oh boy, something tells me I won’t like Prometheus (couldn’t watch it here due to aweful timing and weather). But I’m watching it anyaway when it comes out in DVD. I didn’t wait 2 years just to see bad critics and give up.

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