Little Green Men

As far as we know, there are no “little green men,” which is what makes them the ideal subject for my latest science fiction story: What if, against all probability, someone ran into our fabled little green men on some remote planet?


And no, not the sort of LGM you find in Toy Story, I mean the vicious tropes found in the classic science fiction of the 50s and 60s.

Some of the earliest uses of the term “little green men” come from the 1900s, when they were used to describe supernatural beings and “cloudland fairies.” Rudyard Kipling described gremlins as little green men in his 1906 novel Puck of Pook’s Hillbut it’s the association with extraterrestrial (and presumably intelligent) creatures that defines the modern imagery behind the concept of little green men.


In 1967, mysterious radio signals were picked up from deep space and jokingly referred to as LGM-1. The regularly repeating signal turned out to be from a natural source, a pulsar, a highly magnetized spinning neutron star emitting a beam of electromagnetic radiation in much the same way as a lighthouse does. But this light-hearted reference to Little Green Men highlights our cultural fascination with the prospect of contacting intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

Being a fan of the quirky science fiction stories of Philip K. Dick, I’ve penned a novella called Little Green Men that looks at the impossible scenario of finding these archetype aliens on another world. As is my want, the story mixes fact and fiction in a thrilling encounter that would not be out of place in The Twilight Zone.

Cawdron_LITTLE_GREEN_PrintEdition4As much as I would have loved to use this brilliant cover design by Jason Gurley, the heart-thumping pace of the book demanded more sober tones.

Here are some comments from the initial reviews on Amazon.

Things get interesting from the very beginning as crew members are attacked by, you guessed it, Little Green Men.
The story is wonderfully suspenseful, interspersed with some really good humor and with an ending that will leave you with your mouth hanging open! I could not stop turning the pages.
This is a terrific adventure story, full of bumps in the night and glowing eyes in the shadows… you won’t be able to put it down
The thing I love about Peter Cawdron’s writing is that it is atypical. It’s something I would have never thought of or have ever read else where. I enjoyed every page of this story

You can find Little Green Men for 99c on Amazon.

If you do read this story, be sure to leave a review as I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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