Book plates

Being an Australian author, it’s horribly impractical and horrendously expensive to sign books for readers in the US and the UK, so I’ve done a limited print run of book plates for fans of my writing.

Book plates are A5 size stylized stickers I can sign and post anywhere in the world. They can then be stuck inside any of my novels to give you a unique personalized book.

Rare Titanic Artifacts From Lifeboat No. 1 & Other Historic Autographs - Auction Sneak Peak

Signed copies of The Great Gatsby have sold for US$90,000

My autograph will never be in high demand, but while researching this I was impressed to learn that signed copies of J.K. Rowling‘s first edition of Harry Potter are worth $24,000, while her hand written copy of The Tales of Beedle The Bard sold at auction for an astonishing $4 million!!


J.K. Rowling clearly had a LOT of fun with this

If you’d like a book plate, please leave a message on this page with…

  • your postal address
  • and the name of the book you have

I’ll write something about that book and mail the book plate to you. Your comment/address will not be made public, and will be deleted once I’ve popped your book plate in the mail.

All the best,


4 thoughts on “Book plates

  1. I might as well just order one of each as I will have all of your books pretty soon. Can I do that? I didn’t realize so many had physical versions. I own most Kindle versions but I’ll be shopping soon for the physicals.

  2. Thanks Peter.
    Will probably buy a paper copy of one of your books, haven’t decided which yet, and stick it in.
    Hopefully, one day it will be worth a lot more, but unless it’s over a million (!), it will be worth it just as a personalised copy of one of my favourite authors.
    Best wishes,

  3. Dear Peter,

    my name is Helga Nyírő.I’m from Hungary.
    Love all of your books.You are my list of favorite authors.I still remember discovering your books at my local library and reading all the books they had of yours in a week… My favorite book :The Road to hell..
    I would like to request bookmarks,or signed bookplates?
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

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