COVID-19 is heartbreaking, ravaging our world and killing tens of thousands. As there’s no vaccine, the only effective strategy to contain its exponential growth is to self-isolate and stay at home.

There’s not much a science fiction writer can do beyond encourage people to listen to the experts and wash their hands, but I thought I could help with a #StayHome #ReadAtHome campaign.

Not my library, but oh, how I wish…

Here’s how it works… for the next 40 days, there will be at least one novel available for free on Amazon every two days! Each ebook will remain free for five days (or as determined by the author). Here’s the schedule. Hopefully, that’ll give you plenty to #ReadAtHome.

Novel Teaser Weekday Starts
The Curious Case of the Hounds of Hell Sherlock Holmes undertakes his most challenging case yet Thursday April 16th
Melody 8 A teenager’s life is thrown into disarray in this thrilling and horrific dystopian novella! Thursday April 16th
Mister Fluffy Bunny WARNING: Contains violence, drug references and cute stuffed toys. Saturday April 18th
Alien Space Tentacle Porn Read the reviews, then read the book Monday April 20th
Shadows For lovers of Hugh Howey’s WOOL series Wednesday April 22nd
Anomaly First Contact turns a New York street upside down Friday April 24th
Nosferatu Bram Stoker’s Dracula reimagined Sunday April 26th
Feedback Time travel inevitably leads to feedback loops Tuesday April 28th
What We Left Behind Zombies have met their match in at teenaged girl called Hazel Thursday April 30th
All Our Tomorrows Hazel is back to clean up Zee once and for all Saturday May 2nd
Road to Hell Loyalty is a disease Monday May 4th
Starship Mine It’s the journey we all take in life Wednesday May 6th
Welcome to the Occupied States of America What can a disabled teen do when faced with ravenous alien monsters? Friday May 8th
Monsters When reading is outlawed Sunday May 10th
Little Green Men Be careful what you wish for Tuesday May 12th
My Sweet Satan When first contact gets a little too close Thursday May 14th
Losing Mars A rescue mission conducted 400 million miles from home Saturday May 16th
Maestrom What happens when parallel worlds collide? Monday May 18th
Hello World A decade’s worth of short stories in one anthology Wednesday May 20th
Xenophobia What happens when first contact interrupts a civil war? Friday May 22nd
But the Stars Who do you trust? Sunday May 24th

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12 thoughts on “#ReadAtHome

  1. Hi Peter loved 98% of your books! Can you please write a follow up to Galactic Exploration? That was favorite book! Especially the last third when they fought the aliens. Please write further adventures.

    • Oh, I’d love to… I have plenty of material for a sequel but the book was never that popular and sequels rarely do as well as the original… some writers do incredibly well with sequels and series. I’ve always struggled with them, but I’ve only just this year become a full time author, so maybe I’ll have a bit more time to revisit Galactic Exploration. BTW, the proposed titles for the two additional books I originally planned were Galactic Conquest and Galactic War. Thanks for supporting independent science fiction. Be sure to subscribe to https://thinkingscifi.wordpress.com/subscribe-to-my-newsletter/

  2. Hello Peter,

    thank you for your kind offering #ReadAtHome.

    I have bought several paper books Like My Sweet Satan, Ezekiel and bought Galactic Exploration via Kindle.

    Galactic Exploration is standing out. The reading experience was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the clever twists and aim for scientific accuracy.

    I can only kindly implore you to write the 2 sequels to Galactic Exploration that you mentioned in your blog here earlier. Maybe you want to consider to crowdfund the effort?

    I’ll stop writing for now, cuz I have to read ‘Free Fall’ this afternoon.

    With a heartfelt thank you for great hours of thrilled reading,

    • Tim.

      First, thank you for supporting independent science fiction. After almost a decade of writing, I finally became a full time author this year. Unfortunately, it’s the worst possible time to try to make it as an author with the US political situation, the pandemic and a looming recession hitting, but I’m working hard on it. Secondly, I’d love to revisit Galactic Exploration with a sequel. No plans at the moment, but if some of my next few books take off, that’ll give me a little more breathing space to be able to undertake pet projects like Galactic War.

      Kind regards,
      PS. If you haven’t, be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter

  3. Hi Peter,

    I posted a note here before, but somehow it might have been lost in the ether.

    Thank you for #ReadAtHome which has been a kind and generous way of motivating readers to stay at home and away from a Corona infection.

    I owned already the paperbacks of My Sweet Satan and Ez3kiel, but have recently bought Free Fall and Galactic Exploration via Kindle (I like paper, so I’ll buy the paper version always as well after).

    I can only kindly implore you to write the 2 sequels to Galactic Exploration that you hinted about in a blog reply below. I’d say the book so far is your MASTER piece – pun intended. I am reading Science Fiction since 35+ years, from an early age on and the 4 novellas tieing together struck a cord.

    I hope you give your Galactic Exploration Trek a chance. Have you thought about crowdfunding the two sequels?

    With best regards,

  4. The Early 20th century is the birth of Pulp Fiction and modernist writing. During this era, science fiction became well-known to the mass audience. The birth of mainstream publishers paved the way for the genre to reach its golden age.

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