Postmarked from the Stars

I love talking about science and science fiction. As much as possible, I try to base my novels around actual scientific concepts and weave in ideas from biology, physics and astronomy but it’s rare I get to talk about the inspiration in detail.

If you’re interested in hearing a little behind-the-scenes on my novels 3zekiel and Cold Eyes, be sure to check out my interview on Postmarked from the Stars—it was a lot of fun!

2 thoughts on “Postmarked from the Stars

  1. Ever thought about going in a completely different direction? Story about the afterlife, is your soul just a a conglomeration of all the quantum events you experienced in life? When you die does that information die with you or go “somewhere” else (entanglement). Quantum biology. Interesting to think about. Figured if anyone could pull a novel off about this you could. I have read all of your books.

    • It’s probably a step too far for me as an author—as it would be well into the realm of fiction, leaving science behind. As you know, I have written Starship Mine, Deja Vu and But the Stars, all of which deal with the nature of consciousness. I’ll revisit the concept again, I’m sure, as I’m fascinated by it personally, but I’ll try to stay within the bounds of what is semi-plausible. Thank you for your kind support

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