Forget about Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what First Contact will be like with an extraterrestrial species? Does Hollywood get it right?

I was privileged to work with Arvin Ash on a video exploring this concept. He delves into some really interesting science and science-fiction angles.

Fans of my novels will notice points taken from Galactic Exploration, Xenophobia, 3zekiel, Wherever Seeds May Fall and my upcoming novel Generation of Vipers!

3 thoughts on “Forget about Hollywood

  1. Ooh, ooh, something interesting to watch. Thank you. I only recently found your work, and bought Anomaly and loved it. I write SF and the Hart-Tippler conjecture is one of my interests too.

    • Hi Ashley, glad to hear you’re enjoying the stories. I offer a solution to the Hart-Tippler conjecture in my novel Galactic Exploration. In that novel, I coin the term the Serengeti Principle. Basically, we assume we’re living on the Serengeti. We’re assuming our galaxy is ideal for life because that’s where we arose, but it may be our galaxy is more on par with the polar regions (only a few penguins and hard-to-spot bears along with whales showing occasionally). Given the sheer number of galaxies out there, I’m confident there will be a Serengeti teeming with life—it’s probably not ours, though

      • I’m more of a Fortean inclination, we are property, but your take is totally on point. No arguments from me. With a data point of one it is all conjecture; best guess, until such time as we can (if ever) gain evidence.

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