• MY SWEET (2)

    Book Review/Author Interview: My Sweet Satan by Peter Cawdron

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  • R E V O L U T I O N (6)

    DOUBLE Book Review – Revolution & My Sweet Satan

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  • What's that in the water beside Megalodon? Oh, a toothpick!

    Just a rock?

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  • Picture Credit: Pink Floyd album Animals

    Pink elephants floating by

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  • Sitting "at the top of the bell curve" puts you in the middle, the most common spot.

    At the top of the bell curve

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  • Picture credit: NASA

    NASA’s little secret

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  • Picture credit

    On the edge of my seat

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  • Picture credit: Prometheus. Here's an ancient alien depicted as an ancient priest or something.

    Ancient Aliens???

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  • Picture credit:

    Vive la Indie Revolution

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  • Picture credit:

    Flatworms are anything but boring

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  • Canyon1

    A tourist on Mars

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  • Featured Image -- 5065

    Dear parents, you are being lied to.

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  • Cawdron_FEEDBACK-equations-small

    Book Giveaway

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  • Picture credit: Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

    Cosmos Revisited

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  • Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.40.07 pm

    Interview with Ernie Lindsey

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